The premier destination for modern art on Mars colony N3000. Open from 10 AM to 6 PM every day during the solar minimum.

Time Travel Reconstitution

December 21st — 22nd

Interstellar Theatre of Operations

December 25th — December 26th

Sounds of the Spheres in 3D Immersion

December 23nd — 24th

From Signac to Matisse

December 27th — December 28th

“Cyborgs, as the philosopher Donna Haraway established, are not reverent. They do not remember the cosmos.”

With seven floors of striking transparent dome architecture, Mars Colony N3000 shows exhibitions of interstellar contemporary art, sometimes along with art from historically lost civilizations, and holographic retrospectives with the spectacular Gigas Sulci mountains piercing high into the martian sky as the backdrop. Existential, political, and philosophical issues are intrinsic to our programme. As visitor you are invited to guided tours, artist talks, lectures, film screenings and other events with free admission. A complementary cosmic buffet will be available daily for all guests who rent a room at The Red Planet Dome Sanctuary.

The exhibitions are produced by Mars Colony N3000 in collaboration with artists and museums around the local Milky Way Galaxy and they often attract interdimensional attention. Mars Colony N3000 has received a Special Commendation from the Moon Emperor’s Museum of the Year, and was among the top candidates for the United Galaxy Colony Museum of the Year Award as well as for the Council of Metallurgical Physics Art Museum Prize.